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Lingerie for Boudoir: 5 AMAZING Local Boutique Shops (2018) 

Whenever a conversation about boudoir comes up, it isn't long before one of my female friends tells me how much of a pain lingerie can be. Everything from finding something that fits in a flattering way, to not knowing how to even put it on. Not to mention the fact that every time they go to a department store, they have the same choices and most of them weren't designed for THEIR bodies.  
As a boudoir photographer, this concerned me. Here's why. Because, properly fitting lingerie is just as important as what it looks like. Nothing can shut a shoot down faster than a woman who feels uncomfortable in what she is wearing. Having properly fitting lingerie can be a huge boost to confidence and self-image. 
So, I went on a search for the best places to shop for lingerie in the Valley. Not something you will hear many men saying, right? I checked reviews, I talked to owners, and I polled the women in my life to see if there were any hidden gems.  
I wanted to find LOCAL boutique shops, because it's impossible to find high caliber customer service in retail these days, but when I do find it in other areas of my life, it's usually in a boutique shop.  
Sure enough, I found five fantastic, local, knowledgeable, lingerie shops.  
So, what are the shops? 

  1. The Demi Cup – 20789 N. Pima Road, Scottsdale, Arizona (140 N. 90th Place, Scottsdale, Arizona if using GPS) 


Linda tells me she thinks she is the BEST bra fitter in Arizona. Not sure about that? Give her a try. One woman took a chance and drove a hundred miles to the Demi Cup for a fitting and a bra purchase because her town didn't carry her size! I won't even drive a hundred miles for ice cream. And the best Part? The woman who couldn't find a properly fitting bra in her home town had a "dream fit" in 10 minutes. While I was in the store waiting to talk to Linda, there was a woman who said she had driven from El Paso Texas to buy bras at the Demi Cup.  
The area the store is located in is beautiful too. You could make it a date. Bring your significant other, shop for some lingerie, and then have some great food at one of the many delicious restaurants in the area. It's walkable and gorgeous!  


    2. Solstice Intimates – 225 W. University Drive, Tempe, Arizona 85281 


I LOVE Supporting local businesses. What's more local than a local boutique lingerie shop? How about a local boutique lingerie shop that sells locally handmade lingerie? Pretty unique, right? But, that's not all... 
They can custom size your lingerie. Still not enough? You can have them create something completely unique, just for you!  
Are you a lover of unique prints? They have plenty for you. Do you prefer lace? They have that too. Want an excuse to hang out on Mill? Solstice Intimates is right there. Do a little lingerie shopping, grab a bite to eat at one of the restaurants, then hit the bars at night. 

    3. Brandi’s Boutique – 4728 N. 12th Street, Phoenix, Arizona 85014 


Some women prefer something a bit different. Want to take a walk on the wild side, maybe you are more kink than lace? Dying to get some strappy heels and a mesh body suit for some edgy photos? This is the place for you.  What do people rave about here? The selection, the staff, and pricing. The customers here quickly become regulars. 
You can walk away with some really unique looks from Brandi's Boutique. So, if you are the creative type and you want to put something together, make sure you swing by and check them out.  

    4. Blossoms & Beehives – 5053 N. 44th Street, Phoenix, Arizona 85018 


This is the place to go if you want to feel like you have a personal shopper. They keep your sizing and style preferences on file for you. The best part? They will keep a wish list on file so that if your partner wants to buy you something, they get something you will love.  
They stock high quality, high end lingerie. Think Vogue editorial or one of those fancy bridal magazines. The store is as beautiful as the lingerie. Want to see some pictures? The folks at BTS Event Management have a bunch of them HERE. That's right. Event managers love this place. 
Another benefit to shopping here for your boudoir lingerie; the staff has worked with photographers in the past and knows some of the inside information of what works well in photos and what doesn't translate as well to the camera.  

    5. Belle Lacet Lingerie – 7131 W. Ray Road, Suite 5, Chandler, Arizona 85226 


Tired of stores that don't carry your size? Don't want to have to special order and wait weeks for your lingerie to arrive? Belle Lacet has everything from 28A to 50K! They specialize in hard to find sizes. Belle Lacet thinks women should embrace their curves and carries a lot of options that do just that.  
Like other boutiques listed here, Belle Lacet has an online store you can shop at, but Karla tells me that you will be missing out on the full experience if you don't visit the store. Getting a proper fitting and having someone with a wide range of knowledge right there to help you out really enriches the whole experience. The prices aren't any higher than you would pay online, so why not take advantage of all that knowledge!   

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