Intimate Portraits

What are intimate portraits?

Intimate portraits are more commonly referred to as Boudoir. I prefer the term intimate portrait, because boudoir can be anywhere, not just the “bedroom” as the word boudoir is commonly translated from French. Intimate portraits are as varied as the people experiencing them.

The most common image that pops into someone’s heads is a curvy woman in sexy, well fitted, lingerie. However, intimate portraits can be done in t-shirts and long socks, button downs and Calvin Klein bikini briefs, or even nude. They don’t even have to be women. Men occasionally have them done as well as couples. There are no rules in intimate portraits, except one. Enjoying the experience.

So, why the heck would someone do that?

Most people have them taken as a gift for their significant other. But, people are rarely one-dimensional in life. When you ask someone who has had intimate portraits taken, they might also tell you that they did it to remind themselves that they were attractive or to have a memento for when they are older. Some people do it to rekindle the fire in their relationship or to try something outside their comfort zone. But, it is also fun! Someone is there to do your hair and your makeup, the photographer poses you to get your most flattering angles, and at the end of it all you get gorgeous photos! Often there will be champagne or wine too!

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