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Those Who Serve

All active and retired military, law enforcement, and firefighters receive 10% off my fees as a small gesture of gratitude for everything they do. 

I grew up in a military household and understand the impact that volunteering to serve our country can have on the lives of the service members and their families. I admire anyone who has the courage and dedication to put their lives and hearts on the line for our nation and it's people. I sleep better at night knowing courageous men and women have stepped up.

I would also encourage everyone who hasn't taken advantage of's Smile website, to do so now. is the same website you know and love, but they donate .5% of every sale made through Smile, to a charity of your choice. I chose to support the Lets Roll Foundation. 

Let's Roll Foundation is a Phoenix based charity that helps vets who need it with their car maintenance and repair. Each year they also host a free oil change event for any vet who wants one. They also occasionally have a car donated to them that they fix up as needed and donate to a vet who needs a car. I am honored to be able to volunteer at their events.

Below is a link to choose Lets Roll Foundation as your supported charity through the site.  

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