When I take a picture, my goal is to create an image that captures who a person is, rather than a moment in time. I believe that a great image can do more than bring you back in time to a moment, it can bring the feelings and personality of the person to the present. I believe that authenticity is important. An image that lacks authenticity has a noticeable flatness that leaves an impression of being one-dimensional. 


These are the ideas that formed the foundation of my journey into photography. When I began, I shot street photography exclusively, because a person who isn’t aware a photo is being taken is more themselves. I wasn’t convinced that the same authenticity could be captured in a prearranged photoshoot. But, as I found out more about Annie Leibovitz, that changed. I think the idea of shooting the moments between the moments made a lot of sense and explained why her photos could be authentic, while other great images lacked.