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Since I was a small child, I have been an introvert. It isn't that I don't enjoy doing things with people and having conversations, but I find it to be draining to be around a lot of people for long periods of time. So, when I wanted to take something I love and make it a business, I was concerned. Most of the successful photographers I knew of, who weren't famous magazine photographers, shot weddings and families. There was no way I could do that and enjoy my work. 

As I kept researching, I found a way. Boudoir and individual portraits. These types of shoots tended to be of only one or two people and left a lot of room for creativity. As I dove headfirst into refining my skills in these genres, I knew I had made the right choice.

Not only did it give me an opportunity to interact with more people in a way that didn't overwhelm me, I found that the photos were helping to build the confidence of my clients and bring joy into their lives. 

I have always thought that the human body was a work of art that could be captured infinitely without becoming cliché; and I am not alone. Take a look at art history. The human form has been considered art since we were making pictures on stone walls. 

I love proving it to my clients and the world with every shoot. It's why my favorite hashtag is #PeopleAsArt

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