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What is Boudoir photography and why do people do it?


Boudoir photography means something different to everyone. But, at it’s core, boudoir photography is about capturing the sensual side of a person. Classically, this would happen in a bedroom. However, as times have changed, so too has boudoir photography. Now, boudoir can happen anywhere. I often shoot out of my home studio or hotels. 


Often, the location and themes can change depending on your interests. For instance, if you love a sports team; or if you are giving the photos to someone as a gift, that person loves a sports team, we might setup a shoot wearing the jersey of that team. If you love cars, maybe we would take the photos in a garage and add a little fake grease to the face and body (my main makeup artist is also a really talented special effects artist). 


What about why people do it?


Well, for lots of reasons! The most common reason people have boudoir photos taken is as a gift for their significant other. Another reason you might have a boudoir photoshoot, is to reconnect with your sensual side and remind yourself that you are sexy and feminine. Sometimes life has a way of making you forget that. 


There are times when you may want to document a milestone such as reaching a fitness goal or if you have wanted a cosmetic procedure for a long time and finally pulled the trigger and had it done. 


Sometime you want to document what your body was like before an upcoming change.


But often, you might just want to be pampered and be the center of attention for a few hours. Get your hair and makeup done, wear some sexy clothes, listen to your favorite music, have fun and let someone document the results! 

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