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Michella and the mannequin

What a great shoot. I love it when things come together just the way they were supposed to. So much happened to delay this shoot, but I wouldn't have changed anything. The first hurdle was finding a model. The dress was from Goodwill and ended up being super small. Every model who reached out was just a bit too large to fit this tiny tiny dress. It's lace and has no stretch. But, Michella, who had taken a break from modeling reached out and wanted to get back into it and just so happened to fit the dress. Turns out, she is an absolute rock star of a model. Then, I really wanted a disco ball, but the size I wanted was just too expensive to pay for a single shoot. The cosmos were in my favor though and Maria reached out and offered to let me use one of her art pieces in a future shoot and sent over a bunch of images of what she had available. THERE WAS A MIRRORED MANNEQUI!! That was even better than a disco ball. So, I immediately setup a time to meet her to pick up the mannequin (which is for sale by the way).

The results speak for themselves.


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