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Suit Jacket Series

The first time I thought about doing a series on women in suit jackets was when I was going through a book I bought on Helmut Newton's work. I have always been fascinated with his style of photography. Like in many areas of life, once you start thinking about something you start seeing it everywhere. From that point on, I would always notice the shots in the fashion magazines I subscribe to, the blogs I read, and on the instagram accounts of designers, models, and photographers I follow. Women in suits seemed to be everywhere, and I thought it was amazing. I love how chameleon-like the look could be. It could present as powerful and in charge. The look can project masculinity and strength. But, it could accentuate femininity and grace as well. It can also be done in an androgynous way. All based on how the photographer and model approached the shoot. Once I came back to shooting, I decided now was a great time to pursue a personal project since the boudoir business is still shut down due to covid. It seemed like a great way to blend my passions for boudoir and fashion. I could take an element of boudoir and blend it with fashion and see what the result would be. I had a vision, but I wasn't sure I could pull it off. There were a number of challenges. First, you get better at the things you spend the most time doing. For the last few years, all of my effort had been focused on the boudoir side of the business. I occasionally shot some fashion as a way to shake up my creativity and work with new people. But, I wasn't putting nearly the time into fashion that I was into boudoir. Second, I have been a studio shooter that whole time as well. Whether it was shooting with natural light in the studio or with strobes, I had everything dialed in and there were few wildcards to deal with on a lighting front. With covid, all of my shooting has moved to outdoor spaces. The challenges are new in every location and weather as well as the foot traffic is always changing. In the end, it has been a great experience. I love being outside and I love shooting fashion. I have stretched my photography muscles and refined several skills. Not to mention, I have been in love with the results. Below, you can see some of my favorite shots from my suit series.

Model Credits (in order of appearance): Amanda Lancaster [ ] Didi Lizette [ ] Brazyl [ ] Sarah Yong [ ] Ynellis Linares [ ]

Ellie [ ] Cynamon Strong [ ] Angie Verde [ ] Behind the scenes video:


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